Today’s Baking


So… I did some baking!  I felt like something that was a challenge. I also wanted to make something new that I hadn’t tried before.  

So, here is the result:

Irish Soda Bread




I am rather proud of myself for cooking the beetroot from scratch too instead of using canned beetroot.  It took ages to cook but I do believe it was worth it.  So this is Irish Soda Bread with a twist. It has cherry tomatoes (I used strawberry tomatoes), feta, and beetroot in it. I am waiting for them to cool so I haven’t tried them yet but if they taste as good as they smell they should be great!


My next challenge for the day was Cinnamon Swirls! Yeast swirls. It was a really long process to make them but it was worth every hour and 15 minutes worth of kneading by hand. I am going to make an icing sugar drizzle but they taste fantastic plain too.  




Aren’t they just the yummiest looking things you have ever seen?




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