Weekend Happenings


Dear Friends!

I haven’t written a personal post in a while and I thought it was about time I did!  


This weekend was full one filled with family and church happenings.  It was my Dad’s birthday on Friday so we had a family lunch for him on Saturday.  My parents’-in-law came up from south Auckland on Friday afternoon to spend some time with all of us. We always enjoy it when they come and visit us!  We went down to the beach for a swim quite late on Friday evening and I am so glad that we did! 😉 The water was absolutely heavenly and it was so relaxing to surrender to the waves tossing us around like corks and just…be!

On Saturday afternoon after all the parents had left and gone home Hubby and I went down to the beach again for a stroll and then we just sat on a bench and enjoyed the tranquility..we are beginning to do this more and more often lately. I just love living near the beach and those moments that we spend together talking or just sitting together and enjoying the silence are some of those moments that I will treasure forever!

In cooking and crafty happenings this weekend I made a banoffee pie for Dad’s birthday (instead of a cake), date balls (for our Beyond Addicition Seminar at church this weekend, all the food had to be sugar free as a detox diet would be), and I sold one of my patchwork skirts for a rather satisfying profit..so all in all..a very satisfying weekend I do believe!  

Well, I must go and take care of my Hubby now as he is suffering from a nasty cold!

Take care,



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