Now this is what I call a bargain!


So! I love shopping at thrift stores (or opshops as they are called here in New Zealand) such as the Hospice,Community House,Salvation Army or Savemart. I always check out their fabric and yarn bins for bargains. Yesterday I totally hit the jackpot at the Silverdale Hospice.  They were selling WHOLE BOLTS (I have no idea yet how many metres of material are on them, I haven’t unrolled them to check) of material for $2 each!! I just couldn’t leave them! It’s just too good a bargain!  I also bought bundles and bundles of t-shirting, really good quality too! I spent about $30 for what is most likely over $400 worth of material. Possibly more as I just don’t even know how much I have yet! I haven’t had the time or space to get it all measured up. By the time I was done loading it all into my little mazda az3 I looked like I was transporting a fabric store accross town! Yesterday was a good day!



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