Skirt Madness!


This week I have tried a couple of outrageous things and they have worked! So, you know how there are all these rules in the world of sewing that are so painful to follow? Well, guess what, sometimes they are just there to be broken! I broke many of the rules this week and look what happened!



You might recognize this material as some of the bargain material that I picked up a few weeks ago at the Hospice Shop! I used a pattern that I have had since I was about 13. It is a strictly woven (non-stretch) material only pattern and I have just made it with two-way stretch mesh and….success!! Of course it is a little bigger than it would be in woven but that’s easily managed with this pattern.  So after that I tried making one in jersey….and here’s what happened…



This material is one-way stretch so it  turned out smaller than the other one I made but again, easy with this style.  I am selling them both on trademe.  Here’s to having enough material so that I can do any outrageous experiments I want without feeling nervous!  


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