Musical Inspiration


I am into music, I mean, REALLY into music! I have the most varied music collection of anyone I know ranging from Christian choir to Westlife to Owl City to Taylor Swift to Andre Rieu and Enya and Amy MacDonald and Celtic Woman. The list goes on and on. I nearly always have music playing! Thanks to my hubby we have a really amazing sound system which makes it even nicer to have music going all the time. And I find that music plays a big part in my creativity. I just don’t enjoy sewing or cooking without music playing. It helps me find my groove and get inspired. Some of my favourite sewing music at the moment is Owl City’s Of June album, Taylor Swift’s two latest albums and one of my very newest found faves is Amy Macdonald’s This is the life!  

There is nothing like a great album to get the creative juices flowing!  So, what is some of your favourite music to listen to while you sew and bake?


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