For the love of Denim…sneekpeek!


Can you tell I am busy with denim this week??



I have been collecting old jeans from the “Fill a bag for a dollar” bins at opshops for ages now with all these ideas that I’ve been wanting to try. My hubby has said something along the lines that he’s scared all my stuff is going to take over the spare room completely one day. So, I finally have enough to try one of my first big denim ideas! And you will just have to wait and see how it turns out. It should be finished later this week! I have recycled every scrap of the jeans that I have been using..all that’s left when I’m done with them are the side seams and the waistband. Keep your eyes peeled for the unveiling! You wouldn’t believe a bunch of old pairs of jeans could look so great put together!  Pictures coming soon!


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  1. Our local market has bags made from the top quarter of the jeans. So a bag that looks like a pair of shorts with lots of pockets! Happy sewing 🙂

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