Returning to the world of blogging


I know I have been quiet for a while and there are quite a few reasons for this! Last week was one of those dreadful beyond dreadful weeks where everything that could possibly go wrong DID go wrong and well, I’m just glad we had a wonderful Easter weekend in which I could forget about my broken overlocker and all the dozens of others things that had gone wrong, take a deep breath, pray to my Heavenly Father to help me deal with it all better next time, and start again!  Thank the Lord for new beginnings!  

We had an extra long weekend as my Hubby had a day off on Tuesday as well which was just great! We spent some time with both sets of our parents over the weekend. We even slept in till 11am one morning. Unheard of for us but we were totally exhausted and felt much better after the long sleep.  All I can say is, here’s to long weekends and time to rest! I will be back with some more crafty and foodie posts soon!

Take care for now!



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