Chocolate Mousse With a Twist


Now, like me, you have probably heard about the vegan chocolate avocado mousse phenomenon and thought it sounded a little strange! However, I have been vegan (in the past) for long enough myself (I still cook a lot of vegan food and am completely vegetarian) to not discount it as weird as there are many yummy vegan treats that can be made out of what would seem to be the strangest mishmash of ingredients!

So, last night I got brave. I got two avocados, a little melted chocolate, and about 1/2 Cup of my home made cocoa/hot chocolate mix and blended it all up (after mashing the avocado by hand a little), put it in a bowl with some sprinkles and watched my hubby’s face as he took his first taste. The expression was one of pure joy! So I do believe I have found a winner! It tastes absolutely fantastic!

For all those skeptics out there, be brave, try something new! You won’t regret it!


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