My Recycled jeans project is finally finished!!


So!! My denim patchwork quilt is finally finished thanks to some help from my mom! It’s been a long project spread over a few weeks that has had much sweat and tears poured into it! It was definitely not a project for the faint hearted but I am very proud of it and it is finally going on our bed tonight for the first time!  

Oh, and don’t forget the blisters I got cutting up all the jeans…that was NOT fun at all but I really like the finished product and have proved all those wrong that said you cannot do patchwork with denim.  In the middle of this project my industrial overlocker broke and so I have done more than half of this quilt on a basic sewing machine zigzagging edges…you can only imagine how long that took!  I’ve broken three sewing machine needles on this quilt  and at least three overlocker needles(although that is more to do with the machine needing re cal liberating than anything else) but finally, despite everything, the quilt is done!! 

Here it is…drumroll please!! 




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    • It did take quite a while, yes! I’ve been working on it for a few weeks on and off when I had time. Cobus is finally used to living around piles of material all over the place! Poor guy 😉

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