Baking Day


Today was a baking day (between the washing and preparing for a house inspection and cleaning). Tomorrow we have a South African (afrikaans) gathering and we always have a afternoon tea afterwards so I decided to take savoury muffins and a mixed cookie platter this time. Normally I just take a cake or something like that but I have been missing baking now that we are both trying hard to lose weight and have drastically cut down our sugar intake.  So! I decided to make three different types of cookies and do a mixed plate and give some to Dad as well (he has a real sweet tooth) to take home.

Then we needed some bread for the weekend. As many of you know I bake all our own bread as of January this year (and I detest breadmakers!) and while it does take a lot of time I really enjoy it.  And it is just so much healthier! I have noticed that I have lost weight since I started home baking everything.

So here are some pictures as requested:

Sesame Seed Bread



Refrigerator Biscuits (just cuz they are so cute!)



Plain Chocolate Biscuits



Chocolate-Apricot Cookies



And my secret weapon: Hummus Muffins



I also made some muesli bars which I don’t have a picture of. I have recently discovered my hubby loves home made muesli bars so I am taking the opportunity to feed him something he loves while sneaking in all those seeds that are so good for you! Devious huh? 

So what have you been baking this week?


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