Pocket Warmers/Heating Pads/Ice Packs


For a while now I have been wanting to try and make my own heating pads. So yesterday I sat down and made a bundle of them!Image

These little ones are simply fantastic! I absolutely love them! You pop them in the microwave for just under a minute and they are toasty warm for ages. Or you can put them in the freezer and use them as ice packs! Image





I am selling these in my shop now on Felt.  I will hopefully soon have a link from my blog to my shop but for now here is a makeshift one: http://felt.co.nz/search/all/leilabella

I am still very new to this whole blogging thing and only yesterday I managed to fix a few things here to look a little more like I wanted it to! Needless to say I am rather rapt with my technologically challenged self! 🙂 So never fear, the link to my shop will come!

Oh! I made another remote holding cushion cover too! Here it is:



Keep your eyes peeled for some more vegan recipes that I will be posting soon!


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