Recycling T-Shirts


As you can tell I am really into recycling right now. Now, I know what you’re thinking, another tree hugger/greenie.  But no, seriously. I’m not one of those chain-myself-to-a-tree-people that you see on the news.  I’ve just realized that there is so much potential in stuff that we normally would just throw away when it seems as if it’s lifetime is over. You will remember my recycled jeans patchwork quilt I made recently. What a fantastic way to reuse jeans that are no long wearable. 

It’s just really been hitting my lately how much clothing is wasted in first world countries. It’s really shocking! So in that theme I have been thinking twice before I throw things away lately and before it goes in the rubbish I think, “Could I recycle this?”  

I was browsing pinterest the other day and saw this super cute idea for old t-shirts!  This is one of my favourite t-shirts from the summer that my Liefie and I got married and I just haven’t been able to part with it even though it no longer fits and the sleeves were always a little uncomfortable (they so do not design t-shirts for girls with muscly arms!) and so I decided here was the perfect opportunity to get this shirt out again.

A tote bag! You simply cut the sleeves off. Cut the neckband off. Cut a couple of slits in the bottom hem and thread through some little scraps of the fabric from the sleeves..pull it tight, tie some knots…and you have a super cute tote bag!




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