Today’s Cooking and Baking




Vegetarian Sausage Rolls

I like to use puff pastry for these.

The ingredients are as follows.

1 can nutmeat

1/3 C fruit chutney ( I use plum or apple or apricot)

2 T fresh herbs

1 onion finely chopped.




YoYo cookies with Marshmallow filling


ImageVegan Choc chip Espresso Cookies

I have yet to try one of these so I hope they are good!


ImageSushi Balls

People are always so sceptical when I mention these..until they taste them…and then they are in love!

To make these you will need:

10 sheets of nori seaweed

2 t salt

2 T kelp

Equal parts Oats to match the seaweed amount


shred the seaweed and put in a pot and just cover with boiling water. Boil on the stove for a few minutes. Remove from heat. Add the oats.kelp,and salt and stir to combine. Leave to cool.  Form into balls and fry in a pan with a couple of tablespoons of oil.


Voila! You have a delicious, healthy treat!




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