Of Rainy Days…


This week the weather has been DREADFUL! With the exception of Tuesday when it was a beautiful warm, sunny, springlike day but the rest of the week we have been wrapped in the grips of a big storm with severe weather warnings etc.  

I find myself half paralyzed on cold rainy days. I don’t know what it is that makes me feel all stiff and unable to do anything but wrap myself in a blanket with a good book and some knitting. I am never without at least three knitting projects going on at once.  Needless to say I seldom do wrap myself up and knit on a rainy day. Rainy days do not keep the washing and the housework away unfortunately.

Yesterday I wasn’t feeling very well and I had strict instructions from Hubby to put my feet up so after cleaning the house and doing the dishes I did just that. I made myself a nice big mug of steaming tea, dug out one of my Mission Without Borders blankets I am working on and settled in for a couple of hours. It was wonderful! I highly recommend the tea/knitting/book cure for anyone who is feeling a little yucky these wintery days!


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