Returning to the Simple Stories


So a few days ago one of my favourite bloggers posted about how perhaps we have all lost a little of the essence of what blogging is about and she really challenged me with her quest to make a return to the simple stories. We even have a support group on facebook now and it’s been lovely seeing and meeting new people there.

I have been mulling over this for a few days now, this idea that blogging has become perhaps a little too philosophical and for lack of a better word, too fancy, if I dare utter that out loud;)

So this morning I was sitting here and thinking, “Right, I should take on this challenge.”. Since I started this blog I haven’t done much more than post articles about crafts, cookies, and baking. And, to be honest, it’s harder than I thought to sit here and try and right a more personal post despite how simple it sounds. Never fear though, I just need to a get into a writing mood and it might all start pouring out and you’ll wish I had never started! 😉

I’m also planning a post about my favourite charity which also involves my favourite craft so keep your eyes peeled for that!

But I would just like to say  thank you to Ashleigh for her inspiring words! I felt a little inferior with my humble little beginners blog until I read her post the other day. All our words are important! So no matter how humble you feel your blog is, be proud of it! 


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    • Hi Chantel! Lovely to see you here! Thank you and yes, I’m looking forward to sharing the joy in the simple things again and looking forward to everyone’s stories! 🙂

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