The Simple Things/Simple Stories


So! A few weeks back Ashleigh issued a challenge to return to the simple stories and in the meantime we even now have a support group on facebook and it’s been great reading everyone’s stories and meeting some people!

I have been meaning to write a “simple stories” post for a while now and am finally getting around to it. A couple of weeks back I had one of those weeks, you know the ones, we all have them. When everything seems to go wrong even things that you thought couldn’t go wrong.  Something I realized in the middle of that week though is that there are always little, simple things to be thankful for even on a bad day! 

So during that week when things seemed really blue I found myself appreciating the little, special things more than usual. Perhaps this is something I was missing out on all along! Something that I will try to remember to do all the time in the future:)

One day that week I went down to Brown’s Bay with my Mom and we spent an hour in a crafters’ heaven; a shop called Ike’s Emporium. They have every kind of trim and ribbon you could possibly want!  I came away with a back of trims and ribbons and calicos to make pretty cushion covers and somehow that just made my day better! 

ImageSo much potential in a bag!

On that same day Mom and I went to one of my favourite shops and I found the cutest pyjamas ever and that made me smile! When we met my hubby used to call me the cupcake queen because I was alwayImages baking cupcakes so these just seem to fit somehow.

Then another day I walked into one of my favourite thrift stores and found some fantastic old books in the Fill A Bag For $1 bin.





There’s just something about a good book that makes a bad day better! Perhaps that is only true for bookworms like me?

There are so many little things to enjoy and I think sometimes we forget to take time for the simple joys in life!

For cute upholstery fabric I picked up at a thrift store to recover some old chairs: Image

Of snuggle warm chenille sweaters to wear on icy cold days like today! Image

And perhaps most exciting of all, a box of fluffy yarn just waiting to be turned into a cozy blanket to keep us warm this winter!

And now I must go and make dinner for my Love and I. Tonight I am going to take joy in spending time with the love of my life! 

I challenge you all to take joy in the simple things!




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