From Old and Sad to New and Pretty!


We have had this little chair/phone table in our apartment ever since we got married and, while it is very comfortable to sit on it got wet during a move and the stain never came out. Plus, the colour just does not inspire me at all. 



As you can see, not very pretty at all. But it fits next to our desk perfectly as a phone table. So you just can’t warrant throwing it out right?

A couple of weeks back I was wondering through a thrift store and I saw this super cute upholstery fabric for $2. The pieces weren’t huge but I thought perhaps I would make cushion covers with them or something like that. I got home and as I was packing my shopping away it hit me! The little chair! One of the pieces of material was just the right size to cover it!  I have never re-covered anything myself so I asked my Mom to show me how the next time she came to visit. (Mom has re-upholstered an entire couch and armchair before so she knows what she’s doing!)

She arrived armed with a little hammer and bunch of nails (when you don’t have a staple gun these work just fine!) With much banging and tugging and pulling she transformed my little chair in less than an hour!

Voila! I am very happy! 



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