Mission Without Borders


So I am REALLY passionate about this thing called Mission Without Borders! If you don’t know what the organization is about google them and find out but here is the short version for you. This organization is worldwide and does a wonderful good work out there! I am involved with the Operation Cover up Project which involves knitting blankets and sending them to orphanages in Europe where children are freezing every winter!

New Zealand alone has done such an overwhelming amount in the way of handknitted blankets and jerseys, hats, scarves and the like that we now have so many items to send that we are branching out to giving them to whole communities in places like the Ukraine and Moldova and not just the orphanages.  If you want to get involved just google Mission Without Borders and find a contact for your local area and get in touch with them.

I think it’s a wonderful way to combine a craft you love with doing something really meaningful to help those in need:)  In my little town we have a group that meets the first Monday of every month to catch up and knit together and show everyone all the blankets we have all finished or are working on. The lady who leads the group has basically donated half her house to this project. Their garage has been the storage area for all the wool that is donated to us for years now and one of their spare bedrooms is wear many of the items get stored before they get shipped once a year. We are winding up to shipping time again so we are all knitting more feverishly than ever.

I really won’t know where to stop when it comes to the wonderful things this organization does. The first time I saw a dvd of the little kids’ faces when they were handed blankets and clothing lovingly made for them in NZ I cried like a baby. The excitement on those little faces at receiving a brightly coloured and brand new blanket or jersey was just heart melting!  For those of us who don’t have the opportunity right now to go overseas to do mission work first hand this is a wonderful way to feel that you can help someone out there!  Here are some pictures of the two blankets I have finished in the last couple of weeksImage (with some help from Mom when my crocheting hand cramped up completely!)








We work purely from donated wool in my area (although I occassionally buy some to add to it too) so the colours are not always what we might have chosen ourselves but we make it work I think!  


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  1. Nice work! Do you use blanket stitch around the finished sides? I live in New Zealand too and I have knitted a stack of hats for local kids who have no winter clothing. I have some peggy squares to sew up into blankets too.

    • Hi There! I see you live in Porirua! I used to live in Lower Hutt but now live in a little town just north of North Shore city Auckland. Great to meet another reader! How wonderful that you have been knitting for children too! I haven’t tried blanket stitch yet. I’ve just learned how to crochet the blankets together so that’s what I did here. Thanks for stopping by!

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