It’s been a while…


Hi Everyone

I know that it’s been a while since I have posted anything. I have been having a relatively quiet couple of weeks just enjoying knitting on these cold winter days. Doing housework, cooking wintery meals for Hubby and me and generally being a housewife. I have not had a car for a couple of weeks now and as frustrating as that can be I have rather enjoyed the peace and quiet that comes with getting to stay home and just be.  I will be getting a new car in a couple of days so I am savouring these quiet days while I can.

Last weekend my Liefie and I woke up on a beautiful, crisp, sunny morning and decided to take a drive north to a peninsula that we have never explored properly. We had the most amazing day driving around, chatting, taking photos, and just revelling in the beautiful weather and beautiful places we were in. God really did outdo Himself when He created this planet!  It was the most wonderful day. One that I will remember for a long time as being very special and blessed. We sure do live in a beautiful country!


This is a stunninImageg old farmhouse that was once the place to be for Aucklanders coming up for a day off in the 1920s. 


Is this stunning or what?


Scandrett Regional Park Beach

I have so many more photos that I could share with you but I wouldn’t know where to stop! All I can say is this day was food for my soul! We all need days like this! 


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