Lentil Soup Recipe


Hi Everyone!

I know I have been away for what seems like ages! In the last few weeks a lot of things have happened including a road trip holiday, getting a new car, lots of job applications and many other things.  In short, not a lot of time left over for blogging. 

Right now I want to share a yummy soup recipe with you all. This was always my Mom’s go to recipe when I was at home and it’s still a favourite of mine.

It’s so simple to make and everyone loves it. With some freshly baked bread it makes a wonderful meal.


Lentil Soup


1 Cup lentils

1 400g tin tomatoes

5 Cups water

1-2 t salt

1 t herbs

1 onion

1 carrot


Blend all ingredients except the lentils.  Throw everything in a pot and cook until the lentils are tender.




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