Cute Shoes!


Now you all know that I love thrift stores right? Of course you do!  

This week I’ve had two amazing finds! I bought a pair of Glassons Jeans with their new tags still on for $6. The retail tags that were still attached (unworn) were marked $50.  $44 saved right there! Now that makes you feel good right?

Today I found these babies! 



Aren’t they adorable? I paid $8 for them and they fit me perfectly. And are as new!

I had only vaguely heard of t.u.k. so I googled them when I got home. Turns out they make original footwear and are based in California. T.U.K. shoes are inspired by the underground (UK). They take classic styles from England and Europe and put their own original stamp on them. They make a lot of shoes for musicians and bands as well. 

The next thing I looked up was how much these shoes usually cost. They range from $50 US upwards. So these little pumps that I just paid $8 for would have cost between $75-$100 NZ if I had bought them retail. (And I’m not even sure if they are available in NZ)  

A good day’s shopping yes? 😉


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  1. Those are Iron Maiden shoes!!! I would tell you I’m jealous, but I’m sure you can already tell 🙂 Enjoy them. Most Iron Maiden shoes have sculls and satanic symbols on them, so finding a cute pair is hard even at the store.

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