Mission Without Borders Blankets


I have just finished my third and fourth Mission Without Borders blankets for the year. The next meeting is on Monday and it’s the cut off time for our shipping this year so I’m glad I finally finished the fourth one around 11pm last night! I’m not crazy about the colour combinations in these as I was with my first two but I’m sure they will still keep someone nice and warm.  They are double bed size so they are a lot bigger than they look in photos.




ImageI did some different stitches in this blanket and this is one of my favourite stitches! Double mosstitch. If you look carefully it looks like little hearts.


One of the ladies in our group dyes wool and also teaches weaving and wool dying and this beautiful wool is one of her stunning pieces! It was so fresh when I knitted with it that a little of the dye came off on my hands!

ImageBlanket number four. This one is made of up of all my leftover strips that didn’t fit anywhere else. I did a fluffy edging for a change and it looks quite cute.

For now I’m taking a break from blankets. I’m knitting hats and scarves for the kids over there. I’m going to make some pocket scarves this weekend. I will be sure to show you the result.  

Have a great weekend and keep knitting!





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