The other day I felt like waffles for lunch. I haven’t made any for quite a while. If you know me you know that I can never be satisfied with simply making something plain, it always has to be new and exciting! 

I have a basic waffle recipe that I use for everything. It is neither sweet nor savoury so you can do just what you like with it. It never flops so I stick with it. 

This time I divided the batter up into three bowls and made three different kinds.

I made banana waffles and kiwi fruit waffles and cocoa and cherry waffles! 





Here is my basic waffle recipe:

500g flour

600ml milk (I use soymilk)

50g butter, melted (optional)

2 eggs

2 t baking powder

pinch of salt.

For banana waffles add:

1 sliced banana and 1 t each of vanilla and caramel essence

For kiwifruit waffles add:

2-3 kiwifruit sliced up into small pieces

1 T molasses or golden syrup

1 t vanilla essence

For cocoa cherry waffles add:

about 1/2 C cocoa mix (recipe is here on my blog)

about 1/3 C chopped glace red cherries

Ps. I added a little sugar to the banana and kiwifruit recipes. Emphasis on small amount! Just so that they don’t taste so neutral. 


PPS. On another note, does anyone have any advice on getting your posts categorized? Mine simply won’t do it and I’ve tried a few times!




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