My Birthday Cupcakes


So last week I had my birthday!  I always get all excited to bake my birthday cake and always want to try something spectacular (last year it was a complicated ice cream cake) and more often than not I come back to making vanilla cupcakes with all different flavoured icings and toppings.  I will always remain the cupcake queen I do believe.

 I actually wanted to make a watermelon cake this year (that looks and tastes like a watermelon) but, to my great disgust I discovered that you cannot buy watermelon flavoured jello power in New Zealand. I very, very seldom buy jello which is why I didn’t know this before. So, I returned to my vanilla cupcakes with flavoured icings!

I made peppermint icing with mint sprinkles:


What was meant to be purple strawberry/raspberry flavoured icing(there was a little bit of an accident with the blue food colouring! ;)): with pink glittery sprinkles!


And my favourite, cookies and cream icing:


The cupcakes were the fluffiest, yummiest ones I have ever made! I even impressed my hubby with them! Birthdays are such fun!



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