Spring Skirt Love


Yesterday I found this gorgeous piece of chiffon at a thrift store for $6 and I woke up this morning all excited to turn it into something pretty!

I once made myself a chiffon bubble hem skirt and I loved that skirt (hopefully when I’m skinny again it will fit me once again!) so much and so I set out to make myself another one but with a completely different method. I used a yoga style roll top for the waist and then the same red stretch fabric for the underskirt. I wish I was better at describing and explaining what I did as I could have then done a sort of tutorial for you but that would end up quite disastrously!

I didn’t use a pattern, I almost never do these days as I find the end result never fits. I prefer to work with a mixture of stretch and woven fabrics now and get the fit I like that way. It means I seldom make very fancy clothing but it’s usually comfortable when I’m done with it. I had an epiphany halfway through making this skirt of a way I could have gathered the chiffon (very tricky I might add) that would have made the gathers completely even instead of a little uneven as they turned out. Nevermind. Next time.  I am still very pleased with the result and I think I may make myself some more skirts like this!




And the best part is, I have enough fabric left over to make another one!


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