What I have been Knitting this week


So, usually, I knit blankets back to back for Mission Without Borders and another local charity that sends blankets to birthing centers where the new moms’ don’t have enough for their babies. But lately I have been taking a break from blankets and knitting hats and scarves and booties for Mission Without Borders instead. The orphanages in the Ukraine need so much for their babies and it’s wonderful to think that these little shoes that I knit will be keeping some little one’s feet warm!

Here are some pictures of what I have been knitting this week:


Cute fluffy hats! So cute and so quick to knit! My mom very faithfully and kindly sews them up for me as my hand sewing is absolutely terrible!


Aren’t they adorable? This is such a quick and easy pattern. I can’t wait to experiment with this pattern with different wools!


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  1. You are very faithful about remembering your mom! The articles look beautiful! Pity one’s feet aren’t small enough for those booties! Big people should have socks like that! But then, I suppose that a bigger size wouldn’t be cute!!!!

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