Today’s Sewing


Today I have been catching up on some sewing.  I have had a mountain of fabric waiting for me and I finally got to it today. Needless to say my neck is a little stiff after hunching over the sewing machine all day but I am quite happy with the amount I managed to get done:) I am feeling very productive right about now.


I just love this fabric! The colours are fantastic.


I think this is just so funky! I picked up this piece of fabric at a thrift store earlier this week.


Floral Skirt are always a must!


Again, gorgeous colours! And the fabric is super soft!


What would a girl’s life be without polka dots?!


I found this beautiful fabric at our local emporium.


Pink and dotty!!


I just love the teardrops on this one! Not to mention the bubblegum colours!


A pink skirt is always a good idea.


The colours in this fabric just blow my mind!

And now I must go and make dinner for my hungry hubby!


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