Valentines Day


Valentines Day It can be such a tacky and commercialized day but it’s also a great day to do something special with the love of your life!

My hubby and I don’t go all out on gifts or anything but I like to do something small for him and we like to go out for dinner.

My Sweety brought me flowers! Image

I got him Hershey Kisses (He’s a chocoholic;) Image

And I made pink chocolate chip cookies! Image

This year it was a beautiful summer’s evening on V-Day and we went out for a sushi date at the beach. We sat and talked for hours and hours until long after the sun had set and the moon was rising over the ocean (I’ll never take living in such a beautiful town for granted) and the beach was empty except for a few late night dog walkers and young couples kissing in the moonlight. It was a very special evening and I never for a moment take it for granted that we are no together for all the special days as well as everyday!

Three years long distance dating is really tough. Our first Valentines Day he had just left the night before around midnight (I had no idea when I would see him again and even if he and his family were going to be able to stay in the country) and I was getting the stitches taken out of my leg (an accident with glass requiring a trip to the ER) and it was a really sad day. The next three years we were also apart for all birthdays (except his 21st which I went to Auckland for specially), Valentines Days and anniversaries. We met when I was 17 and my first birthday that we were together for was my 21st. So now, even after being married for three years I really appreciate being together! Here’s to many more and may we never take being together for granted!


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