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Hi Everyone!

I have decided to add a new category to my blog and that is:  Books!  I just thought it would be nice for me share my love of books with you all and then when I read something that I really love I can recommend it to you.

Just last week I finished reading “A Little Salty To Cut The Sweet” and let me tell ya’ll, I loved it!  It’s a heartwarming story of life, love and faith with a distinctly southern flavour. You look up from it’s pages surprised to find yourself anywhere but Birmingham, Alabama. You can almost smell the cornbread and moon pie as you turn the pages! I laughed and cried throughout this lovely book and would definitely say it’s worth spending some time holed up in your favourite corner with a cup of tea just so you can read this gem 🙂



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      • I lost my publisher this week (the publisher closed, they didn’t just chuck me out) and with a book due out in May my cover art is what I’m clinging onto!

      • O wow, that is tough! You are a writer? How wonderful! I hope you still manage to get your book out despite everything! I always dreamed of having a book published but I’m not sure if it will ever happen.

      • I think I might have to self publish. But I have my rights, my edits, and my galley. So things could be a lot worse! And if you want to publish a book do it!

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