Sense and Sensibility


Recently I made a horrifying discovery! I had never read Sense and Sensibility! When I thought about it carefully I realized that despite my love for all things Jane Austen I have only ever read Pride and Prejudice (at least three times it must be said). I decided this must be rectified immediately and I dug out my ancient-falling-apart-copy (aren’t those well-loved books the best?) of Sense and Sensibility (that I found in a Hospice Shop) and I dug in.

In the past I have actually struggled with Jane Austen’s syle a little. Sometimes it doesn’t seem to quite flow like it should. I got stuck on Mansfield Park when I was a little girl (perhaps too heavy a story for a 9 year old anyway but hey, I was ambitious) and I never really got back into Jane Austen’s properly since then. Except for the above mentioned readings of Pride and Prejudice.

Well, let me tell you, it has been a long time since I have enjoyed a book so much as I enjoyed Sense and Sensibility.  I have seen all the movies/tv series that were made of it. My favourite being the latest version by BBC with Hattie Morahan as Elinor and Charity Wakefield as Marianne, not to mention Dominic Cooper as Willoughby. And, I must say as I was reading I kept seeing Charity Wakefield’s face as Marianne and she just fit somehow. The book does differ very slightly from the 2008 mini series but only where they meshed a few events together to make it a little shorter. I digress.

The book was Wonderful! I thoroughly enjoyed it and flew through those 350 (approximately) pages (and if you know how slow a reader I am and how many books I am always reading at once; which equates to me finishing a book maybe once a month, then this will amaze you) in a couple of weeks and I adored every moment. I fell in love with the characters all over again! It really is a fantastic read! Next on my Jane Austen list is Emma. But in the meantime I am in the depths of a fascinating WWI memoir which I will tell you about when I’m finished reading it!

Till next time Bookworms!



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