My Tunes


Lately I have been listening to mainly female artists. I’m not really sure why but I thought I would share some of my favourite albums with you.

I cannot get enough of Sara Bareilles’s new album: The blessed unrest. Three of my favourite songs are “Brave”, “Manhattan”, and “Chasing the Sun”.

Amy MacDonald’s three albums also play continuously in my house. It’s really hard to pick a favourite song from her albums but a couple of them would be: “Mr. Rock and Roll”, “Life in a Beautiful Light”, and “This is the Life”.

Meredith Andrews is another HUGE favourite of mine! I could listen to all her four albums on loop every day! I just love her music so much! A few favourite songs are “The River”, “You’re Not Alone”, “Can Anybody Hear Me?”, “Never Move On” and “New Song We Sing”.

I have just discovered Audrey Assad and I am loving her music too!

Mary-Jess Leaverland is another artist I could listen to all day every day! Her music is so surreal and beautiful! I cannot recommend her enough!

Adele continues to feature just about daily in my playlist..I just can’t get enough of her lovely voice! A couple of favourite songs are: ” Someone Like You”, “Hometown Glory”, “Rolling in the Deep”, and “Rumour Has it”.

Birdy is another big favourite on my playlist! Her lovely voice and soulful songs are just fantastic!

Ellie Goudling! What can I say! I just love her music so much! I listen to her almost daily as well. Some of my favourite songs include: “Beating Heart”, “Burn”, “Goodness Gracious”, “I Need Your Love”, and “Figure 8”. She is such a cool chick and I love her style.

Taylor Swift remains a constant favourite in my playlists! She will always be the girl that made me fall in love with country music. Something I thought never would happen ever!

I could go on and on but I think I will end here with Kari Jobe. I have only recently discovered her music but I just love it the more I listen to it!

I would love to hear about your favourites!?!



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