Potato Bread


So, this bread is totally like the most amazing bread you will ever eat! Serious!!

I made this last week without very high hopes because, well, frankly, in our house making bread in winter just doesn’t work as it is a little chilly and the yeast just doesn’t want to do it’s thing. However…this bread turned out absolutely perfectly and was eaten to the last crumb!

It might not look very spectacular but just wait until you cut into it and taste it!

Potato Bread:

1 Cup warm mashed potatoes

1 3/4 Cup warm potato water

1 T salt

2T sugar

1/4 C melted butter

Add to:

1 C wholemeal flour

2 C white flour

4 1/2 t yeast (active dried)

Mix well.  Add about 2 C additional white flour. Knead. (I kneaded this with my mixer for about 10 minutes). Place in an oiled bowl.  Let rise until doubled in size. (About 1 hour. I wraps my covered bowl in a blanket to help it build up some heat) Divide into 2 balls. Place in bread tins and rise again.

I baked this at 180C for until they were golden.

Happy Baking!


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