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Lychee Coconut Pie


Litchis (or lychees) are my favourite fruit! Sadly you can only get the canned variety here in NZ. In South Africa I ate kgs of the delish things every week in summer as they were so plentiful!  I felt like making a fruit pie on Friday so I came up with my own recipe for a lychee coconut cream pie and let me tell you, it’s good!!

First of all you take a package of South African tennis biscuits (any other of your favourite tea biscuits) and put them in your food processor and process till fine. Then add in just enough butter (or margarine if you want to make it vegan) to make the mix stick together.  Press it into your oiled tart dish and chill in the fridge until your filling is ready.

Next pour 1 can of lychees and 1 can of coconut cream (I use solo’s) and 1/2 Cup cornflour into your blender and blend until smooth. Pour the mixture into a pot and heat over a low heat setting and whisk until the mixture thickens and bubbles. Pour the mixture into your chilled base and return to the fridge until you are ready to serve it. I didn’t decorate it this time but next time I might think up something to make it look prettier.

If you are feeling like something a little bit tropical then this is just the recipe for you!




I have found a revolutionary new way to make smoothies. I know other people have been doing this for like ever but I had no idea it worked so well until a few days ago. Simply fill ziplog baggies with fruit (almost any fruit will work), throw them in the freezer, take one out as needed and blend with milk and you have a yummy smoothie!

Here is my lychee (litchi in South Africa) & peach smoothie: (It was AMAZING!!)


To make:

Drain 1 can of lychees (you can’t get them fresh in New Zealand! Has to be one of the biggest things I miss about SA)Cup up 2-3 white flesh peaches (skin and all)

Put into a snaplock bag and freeze.

Blend with soymilk for a super yummy smoothie!

This mornings smoothie was a banana cocoa shake!


To make:

Chop up two bananas and freeze.

Blend with soymilk and add 1 tsp of cocoa powder.

Guilt-free chocolate shake!